Active Surveys

Alabama 9-1-1 Community,

Based on recent conversations, emails, and calls to our office, some of you have expressed interest in supporting a reclassification of telecommunicators from the "Office and Administrative Support" classification to the "Protective Services" classification.  Both NENA and APCO have devoted efforts toward this initiative.  If your agency wishes to support this effort, consider visiting the links in the following paragraph to learn more and/or submit various surveys, letters, comments, etc.

Specifically, NENA has requested help from NENA Chapter Leadership to provide information on this reclassification, but they would like for it to be aggregated at a state level, so we’ve created this survey based strictly on the information requested by NENA.  Questions about these data points should be directed to Trey Forgety, NENA’s Government Affairs Director, at  The deadline for comments is mid-September, so make your submissions prior to September 2, 2016 if you wish for them to be included by APCO and/or NENA.

Completed Surveys

Has you PSAP or ECD implemented text-to-911?

Other Duties of Sheriff's Departments that take 9-1-1 Calls

Contacts for 9-1-1 Addresses

Survey Suggestions?  Send them to Helen Andrews.